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Photoshop retouching

Photo Retouching:

Photoshop offers a very useful new tool known as the Healing Brush to retouch your photos. Located right above the Clone Stamp, this brush easily removes artifacts from pictures such as scratches, acne, and wrinkles. Unlike the Clone Stamp tool offered in earlier versions of Photoshop, the Healing Brush automatically preserves the shading, lighting, and texture of the area being cloned, blurring and blending as well. 

Photo retouching service includes functions such as removing dust and ‘noise’ from photos. It will make your picture appear flawless with the glossy look that everyone desires.Digital photo retouching can also be used for changing colors, orientation of objects, selecting and merging images and also to add special effects.

Some Popular Types of Image Retouching:


  • Beauty Retouch: Photoshop beauty retouching is one of the mostly used retouching techniques. In includes retouching out any flaws from the skin, eye, tee, lips or even hair. Glamour and fashion industry use this type of retouching frequently.
  • Dust Scratch Retouching: Dust and scratch retouching involves with cleaning unwanted blemish, dust and scratches from the outer surface of the subject. Dust and scratch retouching is mainly applied for merchandise images.
  • Old Image Restoration: Restoring damaged images is another version of Photoshop retouching technique. Here retouching and manipulation technique are applied side by side to get back the damaged image.


No doubt, Photoshop retouching is quite complex and subtle work that requires sound attention, expertise and skill. Clipping Path Adept feels comfortable for having a large team of image retouching specialists who can provide the service with high end quality.