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Image manipulation


Photo Manipulation:

Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception after the original photographing took place. A mere enhancement or correction is known as retouching, while doctoring refers to more involved processes, which often purposefully deceive the viewer or misrepresent the scene. 

In the other way Photo manipulation is the art of transforming an image to convey what you want, rather than what the original image may have shown. This can be done for artistic reasons, but because of the power of the photograph to show true depictions of reality, this can also be done for reasons of deceit. The process is sometimes known as airbrushing, after the tools that can be used to achieve the result, the most common tool used in the digital age.

How to do Photo Manipulation:

Photo manipulation is a subtle and creative work. In order to do it properly it requires enough skill and expertise. Clipping Path Adept has numbers of well experienced dedicated designers who are accomplishing the task frequently. For the beginners it’s very urgent to know the use of some basic Photoshop tools like pen tool, stamp tool and eraser tool. Having great command on these three tools is the prerequisite condition of doing image manipulation. Knowledge of color correction is also very helpful to create an awesome manipulated image. If someone fails to maintain each and every step of photo manipulation properly it will be completely fake and the image will lose its appeal.