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Clipping path adept

Clipping path adept is the basic photo editing technique which supports removing background, image manipulation, retouching as well as making shadow. Professionals like photo editor, website designer, advertisement agency and catalogue companies are always searching clipping path services to make their image lucrative and optimized with their website.

Clipping path

To remove back ground clipping path service is much effective and easy way by using clipping path photo shop.

Image manipulation

Image manipulation involves the services of adding the back part of cloth with the front, replacing the head of one person to another etc.

Image masking

Masking technique is widely used in those cases where some complicated thing like fibers or hairy parts are present.

Clipping path and drop shadow

Drop shadow is an essential photo editing service which can make the image real and non-floating.

Clipping path and mirror effect

Mirror effect or reflection shadow helps the image to look like glassy and crystal clear with the platform.

Photoshop retouching

Retouching or cloning service is to remove dust, spots and blemishes from the image. There are different types of retouching. We do retouching as per customer’s desire. 

Website Image Optimization

Web optimization involves the service of cropping, resizing and saving with JPEG or PNG low resolution file format.

Our payment method

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We also accept :

  • Cheque
  • Bank transfer

Clippingpath Adept Pricing

Our starting price for photo editing services is US$ 0.39, £ 0.25, € 0.29/image. Price for other services is available here and we offer the price after seeing the respective sample image. For bulk number of images, price can be negotiated. We always aspire for customer’s satisfaction.